Thursday, December 21, 2017

December Daily {2017} Days 9-13

I'd fallen so far behind on my album, but once I had a few hours to catch up, I jumped on it, but then the weather was uncooperative for taking photos. Now of course, I'm already a couple of days behind. Such a vicious cycle. ;)

Day 9 I had shared on Instagram, and it might be one of my favorites. You gotta love when an idea in your head actually turns out the way you envisioned! I created a ruler and then printed it on transparency film. I love that it looks like a planner divider but also shows how much snow we got.

Of course I had to add more stamping, but I also tried out Nuvo Crystal Drops for the first time. I was really excited to try them out, but I'm not sure I'm a fan. I had a hard time maintaining a consistency in the shape, and even after leaving my page to dry for two days, one of the drops became flat once it was in the album. I'll try them out a couple more times and see if I get better at using them because I've seen some really fun things done.

Day 10 started off a series of photoless pages and I'm okay with that. I think it speaks to how busy things have been and that with the 32857897231 things I had running through my head, taking a photo wasn't even one of them. Shocking for a memory keeper, I know.

I certainly could have printed an older photo to use, but I went with using a holiday cup from Starbucks to embellish my page about Starbucks.

I think the 11th was the first time I turned on the holiday music. The fact that Christmas was rapidly approaching was lost on me, but listening to old and new favorites has helped to get me in the holiday spirit.

For the 12th, I documented about how much I still need to do in order to be ready for Christmas. And I wanted a reason to use the Countdown stamp more than once in my album.

And for the 13th, I made a list of the people and their gifts that would be under the tree just in the nick of time. If you'd like to use the 3x4 card I used above, feel free to download it here!


  1. I love the Starbucks story! How sweet :)

  2. More gorgeous pages! I love the ruler and the photo from that page is so pretty. I also like the Starbucks page (coffee and circles - what's not to love?!) and the journaling is sweet too.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I took my cue from you and got out my sewing machine! xo


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