Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December Daily {2017} Days 19-23

This is going to be a photo heavy post, so I'll try to keep it brief, but if you have any questions at all about my pages, don't hesitate to ask in the comments!

The 19th was one of those days that really made the holiday season feel magical. It was filled with simple treasures and since I made up for the lack of photos I'd been taking, I wanted to include several of them.

I cut down a 6x8 page of 2x2 pockets and added my photos with plenty of patterned paper and cards. If you're like me, you have way too many holiday supplies, and instead of saying how pretty they are and putting them back on the shelf, I've really been trying to make a dent.

For the 20th, I documented my new inspiration wall above my work desk. I love how it turned out and am excited to be able to easily change out the pieces as the months go by. I used patterned paper and a stamp set to punch circle embellishments and added a little bit of gold mist for some sparkle. Circles have made several appearances in my album and I like how they've been able to represent ornaments and decorations along with maintaining the consistency I always crave.

Another photoless page for the story of the 21st, which again gives me the opportunity to use more fun supplies. I don't mind that I don't have at least one photo for each day since in a project like this I make sure to include journaling.

I had a lot of fun making my page for the 22nd, especially since it turned out just the way I had pictured in my head. I wanted to include the recipe for the cookies I'd made and using a digital card from the Comfort and Joy kit, I was able to design my 3x8 insert as if the piping bag spelled out "recipe" with a little flourish.

Using a scrap of transparency film, I adhered my card to the front and the recipe to the back. Since my cookies were all winter related, I used die cut snowflakes topped with puffy stickers to embellish my page.

Another sweet treat for the 23rd decorated with die cuts and stickers to balance out the heavier page from the day before. I'd started out with just the die cuts on the photo and then decided it needed more, so on went the stickers. Then the strip of paper and another die cut. And still feeling like I wanted more, I added some subtle stamping in Fog ink.

Lastly, I added a simple kraft envelope because there are a few more stories that I want to include. I certainly could have expanded on any day and shared more than one story, but I like that there is a focus for each day. With the addition of the envelope, now I don't have to leave any magical moment out.

If you're interested in an overview of supplies I've been using, you can find it here, all of my December Daily posts are here, you can pick up a free download here, and the pages I've used for the base of my album are here. :) I carry my album through the end of December, so be sure to pop back by to see the 24th through the 31st! Wishing you a very Happy New Year in the meantime!


  1. heidig: your recipe page is genius!

  2. Yes, the recipe page is awesome! And I love how you used the die cuts and various stamping, really clever, awesome, inspiring pages. Looking forward to seeing more. Michelle t

    1. Thank you, Michelle, I really appreciate all of your kind words!

  3. I would really like to try a December daily , I have a feeling I would miss a day or they would all be pics of the kids and nothing to do with Christmas or December!

    Love your book - it is adorable

    1. Thanks so much, Lesli! What about just a small mini album of your favorite photos and stories from the month? Much of my DD albums have little to do with Christmas, but I'd bet you'd have some great moments and traditions to record with your family, holiday or otherwise!


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