Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Revising my Planner

About a year ago I switched from my Traveler's Notebook to an A5 planner and I've been using that system ever since. At the end of last year, I debated on switching back because there were some things I missed from not having my TN.

Using my TN certainly took much less time to get the information I needed into it. I really liked having multiple notebooks to keep track of a variety of topics and so I didn't wind up with lists everywhere. I had a designated notebook that was a running to-do list. Items were added as they came up and I would simply cross off what was completed. That way, at a glance, I could see what still needed to be taken care of.

Last April, I switched for the simple fact that I had found a planner that I liked and wanted to give it a whirl. Once I decided I'd stick with the A5 planner, I bought a new one (below) and I'm using my old one (above) to store past months. As 2017 approached, I gave a complete overhaul to my pages so they would include specific sections beyond the daily columns. I printed them at home on 28lb bright white laser paper from Staples.

Then earlier this month, Brandi and I got to talking about Bullet Journals and what works for us as far as using a planner. I began to research them every time I had a spare moment. In the end I decided it wasn't a good fit for me, but really liked some of the ideas. Suddenly my mind had been opened to using my planner in the ways I was missing from my TN. Why hadn't I realized this sooner?

I created a blank graph paper to print off as needed so that I could now include collections in the front of my planner. Different lists to jot down orders arriving, books read, ideas, goals, and more. I'm in list heaven and hopefully can rid myself of the scraps of papers tucked into my planner here and there.

Suddenly I had a renewed passion for organizing my planner, but wait, there's more! Brandi recently updated her shop and she has a gorgeous set of floral prints that happens to include 12 illustrations. Back to the computer I went to print new dividers and small tabs. I also made a couple dividers for my collections, one for personal and one for work using the Mary cards.

I'm hopeful that these changes will help to keep me more organized and on track. One of my current goals is to better manage my time. I usually spend about 15 minutes 2-3 times a week keeping my planner up to date, which I feel is reasonable, especially if it keeps me from forgetting anything. I store all of my supplies in this bucket and just grab it when needed.

If you have any tips and tricks, please share, I'm always on the lookout for fun ways to plan!


  1. What a great system! I am fascinated by the bullet journal concept but haven't made the commitment yet. And your bucket of supplies is pretty delightful too.

  2. I tried a planner from Aug -Dec last year... but I found it too time consuming cos I was also adding photos & memories... this year I've changed to bullet journalS. Yes, started with one & now have THREE & this is just perfect for me. I used to have a big cork notice board on the wall.... that info is now ALL in my BJs!!!! So can't help you... but love your lists for your journal. I love my tracking of habits list.... my thankful for page that I fill in whenever something strikes me & my housework tracker best of all!!!!!


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