Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Project Life {May 2016}

After making my way through my Week in the Life album, I haven't been getting much new creating done. To help change that, I took a little bit of time on Sunday and printed out my photos for May and gathered the supplies I wanted to use. Then I let it sit for a couple of days to allow the ideas arrive on their own.

Since I had pulled paper from the Homebodies kit as well as The Great Escape, I let those themes guide me in determining how I would arrange my photos and came up with two distinct piles, one of photos at home and one of photos being out and about (or at least headed out).

Laying out the pages, I copied the same format for the front and the back and then added my embellishments. I'd like to say that these came together quickly, but I'd be lying because as usual I had to change my mind half a dozen times. This time it was regarding the stamped bits of paper. :)

patterned paper, 3x4 cards - Homebodies and The Great Escape - Brandi Kincaid for Feed Your Craft
grid patterned paper, chipboard hearts and stars - Studio Calico
flair badge - Hangry mini kit - One Little Bird for Kelly Purkey
alphabet stamps - Greenpoint - Kelly Purkey
ink - Soft Granite - Hero Arts


  1. Love these pages, Elise! Your sweet kitties always make me smile (and your food pics make me hungry!!!!) :)

  2. Well - it LOOKS effortless!!! My fave but is the May Away & how they're ripped & separated like that. Totally BRILL PL.... Eeek! I haven't done April or May yet..... Been too busy working on the holiday album!!!

  3. Every time I come to your blog, I get so inspired!!
    I want to go and scrapbook now :)
    Love all of your pages and your photos.

  4. Loving your PL pages Elise!
    Keep'em coming ;o)

  5. Cute! I'm loving the Polaroid look!

  6. Funny quote true. Love how your pages came out even if they took time to create. Job well done

  7. Love the look of this spread! My eyes go straight for the stamped and torn pieces of grid paper ♡ I need more grid paper in my life! :)

  8. I always love a good grid. And these colours are so yummy...


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