Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 {Wednesday}

I've been working on my album in batches, one night getting all of my photos printed, then another spent typing up my journaling. Now that that's complete, I've been working my way through each day assembling and embellishing and my hope is that by this weekend, I'll have everything completed.

Here are most of my pages for Wednesday. I still need to do my 3x8 page and also my doodle prompt page for each day that I've completed so far, but those will be done last because they'll take a little more time to complete. Around Thursday I hit my slump, and found myself taking less photos each day and also forgot to jot my notes down at the end of the day. I talk about that in my album because it was a fact of life that while I am still inspired by this project as a whole, it began to be less of a focus as the week wore on.

The first page for each day uses the first photo that I took and I tried to vary them so that when I look back at the week as a whole, I can see our morning routine which hasn't changed for quite some time.

Again, I kept up with one desk photo each day, but unlike last year, I made a point to change up the perspective and focus of my photo and story. This page is paired with a photo that shows the weather, which for the week was a lot of grey and rain.

I have to say I am really pleased with how the columns of photos and text have turned out. For me this kind of project really puts your life under the microscope and I feel like having this page of zoomed in and close cropped photos really reinforces that.

I'll be sharing at least one more day from my album once it's complete and I'm also thinking about recording a video flip through, but we'll see. Hope that you have a great weekend ahead! :)

WITL kit - Ali Edwards
patterned paper and 3x4 cards, die cuts - MPM Status - The Lilypad
mini flair - DOTW - Feed Your Craft
die cut tab - Scored Tabs Stamp & Cut - Clearly Kelly for Hero Arts
stamp - Studio Calico
ink - Slate - Simon Says Stamps
other - washi tape, acrylic word - Studio Calico, gold paper clips - Staples


  1. Beautiful, Elise, love your perspective in your photos, they are lovely. Michelle t

  2. Lovely pages, Elise! Love your journaling on torn paper and your 6x8 pages really look great!

  3. Such a great book. Love how clean, fresh, modern it looks.

  4. Good on you for pushing through the week, even if you do get a bit 'unfocused' as it goes on. Who doesn't, I say!!! And I LOVE your mag style page....& the 3x8 idea....breaks it up so nicely. Well, WILL, when they're done;)!!!!

  5. I love it Elise!
    Love your approach and Love your style!
    I hope we get to see more soon ;)
    Have a great week-end!

  6. I love everything about this album - the design, the concept, the pages, the thoughtfulness behind it...:)

  7. loving this album Elise. Honestly its very inspiring, great job all the way around.

  8. Your album looks great Elise. Especially love the columns of pictures and text...very cool!

  9. Such a wonderful project and album to have!!!
    I like that you also have a system for your your desk photo.

  10. I really like the structure and organization of your album... like putting the first photo of each day to show your morning routine... those repeating patterns might be my favorite thing in WITL.


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