Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 {Sunday}

Like many other memory keepers, I'm participating in Ali Edwards' Week in the Life. I started my documenting my week on Sunday for a couple of different reasons and had a Post-It note on my desk to remind me to take photos throughout the day.

I assembled my kit a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to be sure that I had time to get it all together and because I was excited for this project to begin. Last year was my first time doing it and I really enjoyed the process, stories, and looking back at that album.

Here's a look at my pages for Sunday that I seriously couldn't wait to get done. I worked on Sunday so that I could be sure to have time on Monday to get started. The rest of the week won't be done as fast, but with the format that I've come up with, things should come along quickly when I have the time.

I made clear dividers from transparency sheets and a piece of paper I printed off from the digital kit I'm using. I then affixed the large plastic letter from Ali's kit with a gold paperclip.

Once the divider is moved, I have my first photo of the day along with journaling about why I wanted to take on this project again. I'm hoping to incorporate more words and less photos this time around.

Like last year, I have a photo of my desk and one of the weather. Also like last year, the 3x8 pocket is all about one particular story from the day.

The back of the 3x8 has hidden journaling and another photo. Not every 3x8 will have two photos, but I thought having one on the front and back was a simple fix to getting them both to fit. I'm printing all of my 3x4 photos to look like Polaroid pictures. For my 6x8 page I wanted to something completely different than last year and since I knew I'd be taking a lot less photos, I came up with this page inspired by a magazine layout template.

Of course I had to figure out a way to work in mini flair because I do love my chunky mini albums!

And the last new addition to my album are these fun doodle prompt pages that are a complement to the ones Brandi designed last year. I love the boxes underneath to fill in, but honestly writing in unlined spaces stresses me out and so my fix was to use little torn pieces of paper. Since torn paper is something that occurs throughout my pages, I felt it worked well and I liked the texture it added. Plus, the peace of mind of being able to write my journaling without needing to reprint an entire new sheet if I messed up is priceless. :)

WITL kit - Ali Edwards
Journal Boxes printables - Brandi Kincaid for Ali Edwards
patterned paper and 3x4 cards, die cuts - MPM Status - The Lilypad
mini flair - DOTW - Feed Your Craft
stamps - Christine Herrin, Studio Calico, Kelly Purkey
ink - Slate - Simon Says Stamps
other - washi tape and label - Studio Calico, gold paper clips - Staples, Tiny Attacher - Tim Holtz


  1. Love, love, love this! I wanted to start Sunday, but decided to start on Monday because my weekend was crazy and I had no time to mentally prepare. So I just jumped in Monday and began. This is my first WITL and so far I'm having fun with it. I like how you printed things out and stamped on paper that is torn to put on cards in your pages. I might steal that idea for fillers.

  2. Elise, this is just awesome. I wish I could do work like you do! It's so fresh and clean. Sunday is my favorite day, but they all look so terrific!

  3. Dear Elise, first thing when I came home today was to check out your Sunday pages - and wow they are beautiful! I really enjoy seeing how you take on this project. These transparency dividers are awesome. Enjoy your week!

  4. I love how you worked in the dividers and the opening "monogram". If you can believe it, Tom stole my "FRI" flair to put on top of a bottle stopper he made. LOL!

  5. I love how bright and clean your pages look, Elise. And your 6x8 page is just beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the next ones!

  6. Absolutely ROCKING it! Loved that you've got it planned so you can just get in with doing your album... The Polaroid style looks fab.... LOOOVE that "what you're doing now" page .... My fave is the mag style one with your flair! Of course ;)!!!!!!!

  7. This is SO SO good Elise!!!! There are so many aspects of your album and pages that I love I could write a whole page! :)

  8. Love these pages and how many different things you're doing for each day!!

  9. Wow Elise, so amazing. Love your mix of pocket cards and the journal prompt is adorable

  10. These pages are super! Love the way you've organized your album. It's a great mix that keeps it so interesting and fun.

  11. I love your pages!!!!
    Great photos and I like your doodle pages as well :)
    We did a marathon Game of Thrones as we just discovered it :)

  12. Your WITL is amazing Elise! I didn't do it this time but I'm inspired to join in the next one thanks to you!


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