Friday, May 27, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 {Saturday}

As the week wore on, I became less focused on documenting the days and from Thursday through Saturday, I had only just enough photos to continue the format that my pages had taken. I also neglected to keep up with my notes at the end of the day so as I looked back, I had a hard time filling in my doodle journal prompts.

For a brief moment, I contemplated not completing my album, but decided that having less photos and stories was an accurate reflection of my week and so I spent the latter part of last Saturday finishing my album.

My 3x4 cards had been placed into pockets in preparation for when it came time to assemble and I left them as they were once I started adding my photos. Not only did it make it easier, but I'm happy with how the colors of the cards coordinated with the photos of the day. Some I left without embellishment and others had a little stamping or small accent added to them.

Saturday's desk photo was working on the new Color Crush planner I got that week. I'm using it as a notebook and so needed to add my own paper and dividers. The weather was finally sunny, so no hiding indoors from the grey and rain. The story for my 3x8 page for the day was about my feelings about wrapping up documenting my week.

Last year my last photo of the week was me at bedtime, so I figured I'd continue that. For my 6x8 page, I once again was short a photo and so I used a screenshot to go along with the story I wanted to tell.

Each day ends with the doodle journal prompts which I found were a great way to capture the little details. Note to self, fill them out each day. ;) Once my album was completed, I went back to the beginning with paper scraps in hand and made my title page. I used a 6x8 page with 2x2 squares and filled each pocket up. So that's that and depending on the week that is selected for next year, I'd be game to do it again.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

WITL kit - Ali Edwards
Journal Boxes printables - Brandi Kincaid for Ali Edwards
patterned paper - MPM Status - The Lilypad, Project Life 6x6 paper pad {Everyday Edition}
3x4 cards, die cuts - MPM Status - The Lilypad
mini flair - DOTW - Feed Your Craft
stamps - Kelly Purkey, Studio Calico
die cut tab - Scored Tabs Stamp & Cut - Clearly Kelly for Hero Arts ink - Slate - Simon Says Stamps
other - enamel dots - Studio Calico, Tiny Attacher - Tim Holtz


  1. Good on you for sticking with it 'til the end...& YES! So true...the less focus actually WAS your makes sense to go with that! Love the bed shot. In 10 years time, when you've done this each year [GIGGLES!!] it will be great to look back on. As always, ADORE the cas approach you use. Don't think I'll ever achieve it. But LOOOOVE just the same!!!

  2. BRAVO! You did it and it looks AWESOME Elise!
    I love everything about your album and these doodles are amazing!
    I totally love the idea! You are such an accomplished artist!

  3. So glad you stuck to it. It's such a beautiful album.

  4. Elise, this is so great! I am just now documenting my WITL and your book is giving me some great ideas! Also, I found out how to breakthrough my issues with not being able to comment, so here I am!! But I see it is listing me as anonymous (it's cinback) so I will have to now figure that out...

  5. Love the typed and torn journaling papers! I'm so stealing this idea for my PL! Your WITL is one I will come back to look at again and well done Elise!

  6. Congrats you always do an amazing job on these albums and i love those doodle journal prompts.

  7. This looks so wonderful, Elise! I especially love the recap page with torn papers. :)

  8. Your pages are all so fun!!!
    I love how you documented your days.
    Keeping on top of them is a challenge, I am months behind in my fauxbonichi :0
    Love the last page that details your day :)

  9. I love that title page.... wait! I love the whole album! :)


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