Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Planning and Destashing

Oh, the never ending quest to be organized and have a stash of supplies that actually gets used. It's an age old problem that will probably always exist as new items continue to come out. :)

I used my Traveler's Notebook everyday since I'd bought it late last summer and found it to be great for keeping me on track. I used a monthly calendar and created my own inserts to suit the topics and format that best worked for me. But then I went and finally picked up the Hello Forever planner that I'd debated on purchasing for months.

Once I got it, it sat on my desk unused because I still wasn't sure it was the best planner for me. Why change the system that had been working so well? After a little urging from a friend, I decided to give it a whirl. If it works out for me, I'll convert my beloved TN into something else and I can put my planner to use instead of just staring at it. Win, win.

I'm definitely a planner minimalist and like keeping it simple with a little stamping and writing in my daily to-dos. So far I spend about 15 minutes at the beginning of the week filling in what's coming up and then as new items arise, I can quickly add them.

So far I'm really enjoying it and of course I've already bought a couple more planner stamp sets. The few items pictured above are the things I've found myself reaching for again and again.

I do miss my running to-do list and have found it more difficult to figure out what still needs to be done and carried over to the next week. I bought the digital set of planner inserts from Studio Calico and the weeks are set up vertically with space at the bottom to list tasks, so I might change them in time.

And since new items are always making their way to me, I figured it'd be a good idea to do a big destash and put those items up for sale in the shop. Most everything is brand new, but there are a couple of larger stamp sets where only one stamp was used. I also put together some fun kits of paper and alpha stickers that coordinate. I hope you'll take a look and maybe see something you can give a good home to and use. Better than sitting on my shelf unloved! :)

Hello Forever Planner - Studio Calico
Plan it Out stamp set - Christine Herrin
Hybrid Ink Pad Cubes {Karma} - Simon Says Stamp
The Happy Planner Colorful Dot stickers - Me & My Big Ideas
Iro Clear Circle stickers {Garden} - Hisago


  1. Your set up looks great, Elise. I have the same style, a week on two pages and love it!

  2. Beautiful Elise!
    Your beautiful pictures are mouth-watering ;o)

  3. I've thinking in buying a planner, but I'm still not convinced! Love the simplicity of yours :)

  4. I enjoy a simple planner myself, my pet peeve not enough space, My todo lists are always too big. Glad you are enjoying yours.

  5. I like simple planning myself. Great set up though.

  6. Your planner pages and planner are very pretty.
    I enjoyed decorating my planner, then realized I was decorating it more than actually using it, lol.


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