Friday, February 26, 2016

Unexpected Organization

Last weekend we made an unexpected trip to The Container Store where I was hoping to find an organizer for file folders and notebooks to sit on my desk. What I wasn't expecting was to buy supplies to house the packs of ephemera, sheets of chipboard, and mini Project Life kits that I've amassed.

When it comes to organizing my supplies, I've learned what works for me, but it's a matter of being able to find systems to implement those ideas without spending a fortune. I need my supplies to be in sight and in arms reach, and have found that being able to flip through things makes looking for items and putting them away a much easier task.

I bought a DVD storage rack and a pack of CD sleeves and got to work once we arrived back home. In the front of my rack are journaling cards from when I subscribed to The Messy Box. I already had mini kits from Kelly Purkey and Studio Calico in plastic bags, so I stacked those next. In the CD sleeves, I opened up packs of die cuts and placed them inside. I have a few packs of stickers and you can see them sticking up in the back of the rack. I placed them with their coordinating ephemera packs so that I don't forget that I have them.

While spending about $30 to hold these items isn't exactly cheap, I'm really happy with how this turned out. Having a designated space for these types of items also means that this is all the space that I will give to them. If I want to purchase anything new, I need to use what I have in order to make room. That's the same rule that applies to all of my storage and I'm in trouble as far as my stamps go. ;)

DiscSox DVD Tray, DiscSox CD Pro Sleeves - The Container Store
5x8 Clear Bags - Simon Says Stamp


  1. Your blog post title made me giggle!
    Way to go for being organized!!

  2. Looks fabulous! And easy to see what you've got... Ummm......yeah.....use up stuff first....good luck with that!!!!

  3. I like flip-through storage as well - and that holder is so transparent compared to bins that it really is suited for your purpose.

  4. Love this idea, Elise! Perfect for all of your little bits and pieces. Ephemera packs are what always mess up my organization.

  5. What a great idea Elise and I too like everything in arms length. So easy to use what you can see and find in under a minute.

  6. Love this container.
    I am also a flipper and need to see what I have in order to use it.

  7. Elise, somehow I missed this post in my blog reader. Anyway, thanks for doing a post on this!! I have the top shelf of my Raskog organized with little baskets, but I LOVE your idea even better! I like flipping through things and having it all out to see. I forget about it if I don't see it! Amazing.

  8. This sounds and looks pretty perfect! I would love it as I also do better at using my stuff if I can see it... my problem is the lack of flat surface though, which you need for these...


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