Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 in Numbers

I'm sure you're familiar with the feeling of having an idea brewing and once you get some free time, you just have to tackle. This was one of those types of projects. For several days, I'd been mentally shaping how to add a spread to my December Project Life pages to highlight some of 2015. I had some time on Sunday and got to work sketching, shopping, and designing cards.

I sketched out my pages first, deciding how many title cards and photos I needed. I wasn't sure if I wanted 9 pockets with 3x4 slots or 12 pockets with 3x3 slots. In the end the 3x4 was better as I didn't have that many topics.

The topics I focused on were a total number of projects made, books read, pounds lost, miles traveled, and photos taken. I'll tell you what, I read less while participating in a reading challenge than I did the year before without a challenge. I also made less projects last year, but definitely more mini albums. Some of these topics are in my December 2014 PL page and so it's fun to see the comparison.

I designed my simple title cards in Photoshop Elements placing two colored rectangles behind my text. I wanted the text to be large and the same size on each card. Since the words were varying lengths, I typed each letter individually and then moved them into place. Since PSE doesn't allow you to adjust the kerning, this time consuming process is the only way I've found to adjust the spacing between letters.

Now it was time to do some shopping. I actually don't have that many digital items and even less elements, so I went looking for some graphics to use on my cards. I decided on a pack of floral illustrations and then picked colors from them so that my title cards would match. I made one filler card and then printed flowers and leaves to fussy cut them to add behind the numbers on my cards.

The last things for me to do were type my journaling and print my photos and then I was ready to assemble my pages. I used foam tape under the numbers to add dimension and needing just a touch more color, I placed some very thin washi tape under my photos. If you have any questions about how I did anything, don't hesitate to ask!

floral graphics - Petite Fleur by Mia Charro
fonts - title cards - Trend Rough, numerals - Adam.CG Pro, countless - Nexa Rust Script, journaling - Densia Sans
polka dot paper and Litle B washi tape - Felicity Jane kits


  1. Look at all of these amazing accomplishments! Love this idea and how you executed it, Elise! The color scheme is so fresh and the whole design so clean and easy to follow. :)

  2. Very fresh and lovely!! I love it. I love the count of the numbers of the different things you done! That's awesome. Nice to see your work again. I hadn't scrapped in about a year and I'm glad to have found your blog again!

  3. Oh that is FABULOUS...love the floral touch and the whole idea is really fun. I'd be scared to add them up. Actually, I wouldn't know how to add them up!!!! But I like seeing how much you did:):)

  4. This is awesome!!! I love "year in numbers" pages. Congrats on losing the weight!

  5. I love this page so much. I would like to do something like this about my fitness thing I am about to embark on

  6. This is wonderful Elise, and you have had some great accomplishments. I have always wanted to do something like this and you are definitely great inspiration.

  7. Happy new Year Elise!
    Love your page and how harmonious and meaningful it is!

  8. I love this, too. Great overview of things that are meaningful. Awesome cards, too. Michelle t

  9. Love the font and color and graphics in this.

  10. These are awesome!!!!!
    I love that you have kept track of all of your accomplishments from last year!!!

  11. Hi Elise, I was wondering what scrapbook boards you like to visit these days? I was out of scrapping for a couple of years and now that I'm back, so many boards are dead. Was wondering where you like to go :) Thanks!

  12. Love the bold contrast in your colors, just lovely. Great idea to document, the year in numbers!


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