Friday, October 16, 2015

Wander in Wonder

The last class I'd signed up for over at Studio Calico has begun and it's all about stamping. I'm always on the hunt for inspiration and since stamping isn't something I got into when I started scrapbooking, I figured I'd give it a whirl.

Putting the first lesson to work, I created my background repeating the same 5 tag stamps all along the edges. I had originally stamped them all on paper and cut them out but felt it was too distracting. At least it gave me the opportunity to see how they would fit on the paper before I took to stamping directly on it. ;)

The theme of my layout is from a recent #HashtagThisWeek from Mandy at Turquoise Ave. and the prompt was in the past. As soon as she posted the topic, I immediately thought about my past travels and how quickly they can be forgotten as preparations for new travels arise. I am forever grateful for all of the journeys I've been on and what I've seen and learned and it inspires me to keep seeking new adventures.

Using a digital template in Photoshop Elements, I added photos from various trips and then placed text on top of the images. Since I can only print 4x6 photos and this is a 6x8 image, I just printed it with our laser printer on white card stock. Unintentionally, my layout turned into a project more focused on design versus story, but I'm happy that I experimented with techniques that I might not have otherwise.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

stamps - Take Flight Kelley Purkey, Aloha Studio Calico, 3x4 stamp set Hola add-on Studio Calico
map patterned paper, Glass Slipper ink, Good Times printable - Studio Calico
font - Trend Rough


  1. Wow, your photos are beautiful! I'm a stamped, I stamp directly in layouts, or stamp, fussy cut, and use as an embellishment, I'll stamp on my photos, wood veneers, anything. But I'd never worked up a background. I'll have to do that. Your layout is lovely, and super creative. Michelle t

  2. This looks fantastic, Elise! Digital Scapbooking is a whole new world to me, your art is so creative! Thank you for the links ... I'm curious & will pop by the sites to see a bit more.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. I love this layout Elise. I've never thought of stamping a background on that scale before. And the photos and text over them is perfect!

  4. Technique versus story sure works for you here! Your photos, the stamping and that large text/title are amazing. I love it Elise! xo

  5. Wow, this is so great! I really love the digital stamping on the photos-what cool idea and fantastic execution!

  6. So perfect! I love this layout, its super creative!

  7. The letters on top of the photos are great!

  8. Love how that background turned out!!

  9. What a fantastic layout! Love the design!

  10. I love how you have added letters to your photos…that is so cool.
    I also like your stamping….I thought that was pattern paper.
    Great idea to stamp the tags then cut them out for placement…now you have extra tags to use :)


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