Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week in the Life {W-Th}

I was hoping to get my Week in the Life album completed over the weekend, but I knew that wasn't really a reality. I am pleased that I got 2 more days finished and so I'm now more than halfway done. Keeping the format the same every day and the peace of mind of being able to reprint a card if something goes horribly wrong (and it has) have kept this project manageable and fun for me.

My 3x4 pages include a selfie, a photo of my desk, and a picture of the weather. The 3x8 pocket has a title card and then journaling on the back going into detail about various items that are current with me and the 6x8 have time stamped journaling and photos. I was hesitant about using the 3x8 pockets, but I've really come to like the size.

For Wednesday's pages, I spent some time making my own patterns using solid digital papers in the kit I've been using. I also gave my outline alphabet stamp quite the workout and got a little messy with watercolors. If you like watercolors and haven't tried the smooshing technique, I highly recommend it! Adding a little watercolor to a piece of plastic and then smooshing or smearing the paint on your paper makes for a fun look with very little effort. Clean up is a breeze too with just wiping the plastic off with a paper towel and then you're ready for your next color.

Thursday's pages are much more colorful and after a couple of card do overs, I was able to get everything looking much more cohesive than when I'd started. One of the stories that I wanted to be sure to document was about the weight loss challenge that my sister and I have embarked on. It's been such a big part of each day that I definitely needed to get it down on paper and my journaling takes up the entire backside of the 3x8 card.

So there's some of my Wednesday and Thursday for my Week in the Life album and hopefully I'll have it all wrapped up soon. Be sure to stop back by on Thursday, I have a very exciting, very big announcement that you're not going to want to miss! See you then!

6x8 album - Ali Edwards
digital kit - Almanac Pocket Scrapbooking Collection
stamps (Bennett, Laina & Sam), labels - Studio Calico
mini flair - Feed Your Craft
watercolors - Loew-Cornell
enamel dots - Freckled Fawn
Tiny Attacher - Tim Holtz


  1. These are such fun and colorful pages, Elise. Loving the geometric designs and half pages.

  2. I was going to say how much I love the geometric stuff going on too. Oh and I love and use that watercolors technique all the time. I really like your set up, what you're doing with each day. I hope to start mine soon. Michelle t

    1. Sorry. I'm looking forward to your announcement, too. :)

  3. Great pages, very creative and individual 😍 Can't wait for your exciting announcement!

  4. The pages look great Elise and I really love the color you selected. And ITA with watercolor smooshing..easy and fun to do.

  5. its coming together lovely. good luck with your weight loss challenge..i'm sure documenting it will help. i'll be back tomorrow :)

  6. Awesome pages!!
    I am going to have to try the water colour smooshing technique :)
    I am really enjoying seeing your pages for this project :)

  7. Good luck with the weight loss challenge - and I can't wait to hear your announcement!

  8. I love how you have great bold pop's that compliment your pictures so well!

  9. I love how you have great bold pop's that compliment your pictures so well!

  10. Oh I love these pages Elise! All the pops of color with those patterns and that smooshing technique are fabulous. The 3x8 pockets look great and congrats on your weight loss challenge!
    Debra www.ourlifeincolor.com


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