Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week in the Life {F-S}

It took longer than I expected, but my first ever Week in the Life album is complete. I learned some things along the way, both creatively and personally which aside from the memory keeping aspect, is more than I could have hoped to happen. With a project like this, you really put your life under the microscope and it's something that I think will become more meaningful to look back on as time goes on. Would I do this again? I think so.

For Friday's 3x4 pages I struggled a little so opted to keep them simple using a card I designed, a floral card from the digital kit I used, and a card with a stamped image. More stamping on my 3x8 card that was printed with little hearts and then I used the same floral 3x4 card as a mask for my 2x2 squares.

Since I'd covered the more fun "currently" topics on my previous 3x8 cards, I went a little deeper and talked about a particular moment from Friday that makes up part of "the good stuff" in our marriage and then for Saturday I wrote about why I like that we have routines, but what we do to shake them up.

On Saturday's pages I had a lot of fun with both making the designs for my 6x8 pages and 3x4 cards and then stamping on what seemed like everything. For my designs, I used a pie chart element, filled it with colors from the kit and then enlarged the pie chart enough so that it was no longer a circle once I used the Clipping Mask tool in Photoshop Elements.

For my stamping, I used a different type of masking technique that you might be more familiar with. For the Hello Weekend card, the weekend stamp had the word wandering below it that I covered with Post-It removable tape. Once I had my stamp inked, I removed the tape and then stamped weekend. I added the word hello using a different stamp set.

For my 3x8 card, I stamped the word routine and the arrows and then again used the removable tape to cover those and stamped a repeating pattern to fill the space. When I spell out words, I'll lay out the stamps to see how they fit and then I'll draw a faint pencil line to keep my stamping straight. I actually thought that the word would take up more space so the arrows were necessary filler. ;)

To finish off my album, I made a 6x8 page that says the end on the front and on the back I typed a letter to my future self. I wrote about what I hope this album reminds me in the future when I look back on it.

So that's that! Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

6x8 album - Ali Edwards
digital kit - Almanac Pocket Scrapbooking Collection
ink (Inky Black, Flamingo), stamps (Bennett, Square Patterns) - Studio Calico
Ready Jet Set stamp - Christine Herrin
Alpha Nut, Good Times stamps - Kellie Stamps
Here's the Story stamp - Big Picture Classes
Shutterbug, Sketchbook 2015 stamps - Kelly Purkey
mini flair - Feed Your Craft


  1. It is so CLEAN and cohesive! Very well done indeed!!

  2. I absolutely love your pages here Elise! The pops of color and your beautiful photos make me so happy :) And thanks for sharing your techniques as I always love reading and learning new skills. Well done!

  3. I love the color and the geometric feel. Great album! You know, WITL really makes me step back too. Sometimes I get caught up in things I can't change, like a disease, and what it's done to me and my family. But this, even though those things are constants in my life, let's me get back to gratitude. Someone like me needs to actively work on gratitude, and for the most part it's there, just need a reminder. So I get a lot out of this project. I want to remember. On another note, seriously every time I see you use that number stamp I know I need this. Back on my wishlist. :) michelle t

  4. I love it! UGH.. I just need to get started!

  5. This is turning out so lovely. I really want to do something like this but don't feel I have enough to share. ITA with looking back and seeing what life was like during that period in your life. You will cherish this for sure Elise, just a wonderful job.

  6. you are too good Elise. It turned out beautifully. I love how you pulled all the colours from your other pages together in these ones. It will be great to look back on this in later years x

  7. Cool idea to write a letter to yourself at the end!

  8. I love love love your WitL album! The format, the cards, the design! Love it!

  9. Your pages are awesome as always…I like the geometric shapes you used on them.
    I love that you wrote a letter to yourself at the end of your book.

  10. Wonderful!!!! The pages, colors, designs, pictures... are so beautiful!!!! Love the idea of the letter too!!!!


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