Friday, August 21, 2015

Week in the Life {My Process}

I'm sure if you've been anywhere around social media you've seen that Week in the Life has begun. It's a week long documentary project created by Ali Edwards that focuses on capturing your everyday life. This is my first year of participating and to be honest, as the start date drew nearer, I began to have second thoughts. I wondered what I would have to document and why I thought a project like this was worthwhile. I struggled with this for several days and in the end, chose to move forward and as this week winds down, I'm happy that I did.

I had purchased Ali's kit, but once it arrived I didn't feel that the items included were quite my style. Instead, I've taken a hybrid approach and am using the Almanac digital kit from The Lilypad. I have completed my pages for Sunday and will follow the same format for each following day. Oh, and that empty 3x4 slot below will be filled as soon as I figure out with what. ;)

The front of each 3x4 page will include a random selfie (I try to take one at a different time each day) and some sort of journaling.

The back will include a photo of my desk (taken about the same time each day) and one of the weather. The 3x8 will be a different topic each day and the front will have the title and the back will have the journaling.

The 6x8 pages I designed in Photoshop Elements will have some of my snapshots from the day along with time-stamped journaling and a DOTW mini flair.

I'm still including techniques and elements that I love, such as sewing, watercolors, stamping, and mini flair. I like my pages to have texture and dimension and since the album is plenty big enough, there won't be any issue with using bulkier embellishments or pop dots. Have you ever taken on Week in the Life? Why or why not?


  1. I love what you're doing. Is that number stamp, the one you're using for the time, from Ali's shop? I measured out the numbers from the dimensions on the website for it and I felt it was too big, but I really like it in your album. I wonder now, I'll probably end up getting it next time I can order something. Anyway, this is my second WITL, and I love last year's album. I know that when I finally finish it'll be worth it. I want to remember. Anyway, great album, Elise! Michelle t

    1. Thanks, Michelle! No, the numbers are typed onto my page along with my journaling. It's the font, Bebas Neue. :)

  2. This sounds like a fun project..and I love how you are keeping it organized by doing some of the same things every day.
    You pages are always awesome!!
    I have done a photo a day with journaling for a whole year….but this sounds interesting and not as overwhelming.

  3. I love your approach, Elise, and how you are making DITL work for your life and routine. I've never taken on DITL or any other challenge like it. It would probably be fun to document a week in Alexa's life at some point so she can look back and see what she was up to.

  4. This is off to a great start, I always wanted to do something like this but alas where I work, no cameras or phones are allowed, thus that narrows my time considerably. I will relish looking at yours none the less Elise. You have some great ideas planned.

  5. I am absolutely in love with your process, it looks amazing Elise!


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