Friday, August 14, 2015

Little Summer Joy Pt.5

I'll be wrapping up my summer mini soon, I just have a few more pages that I want to include, but I'm happy to say it's filling up nicely! Today's pages focused on something that occurs all year round, but I thought it would be fun to include a couple of snapshots of what I'm currently making. Aside from this mini. ;)

I knew that I wanted to use my WRMK Fuse tool on one of the 4-pocket pages and had a loose idea in mind of the design I wanted to create. It wasn't until I had one of those ah-ha moments in the shower that I figured out exactly what I wanted to do.

Using a stamp I'd recently picked up on sale, I made my own die cuts and patterned paper, stamping the design on both sides of the paper. Then I added some sequins and paper from Crate Paper {Poolside} and got to fusing.

My photos are of a layout that I'm currently working on and another item on my summer manifesto, which is to practice my brush script. I discovered the Letter It Challenge from someone I follow on Instagram and found that to be the perfect way to practice. I don't do it each day, instead I'll do several phrases in one sitting. I've been wanting to include more black and white photos so printed these both out that way. I'm hoping to remember that more often, along with the eighty-eleven other things to try. :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead!


  1. Oh I like your brush script! That's on my bucket list, I even have the Kal Barteski class, I just have to make the time. Cool Fuse pockets, too. You're so inspiring. Michelle t

  2. Your pocket turned out great! I am still on the fence about buying the Fuse--I am just not sure I would it enough, but your page has me thinking about it ;).

  3. Brush script is awesome - yours looks great!!

  4. Your brush script looks already great. I am still in the practice mode which is rarely looking nice

  5. This is really wonderful and I have had plenty of those shower aha moments. I do want to ask you about your fuse tool though, are you enjoying it? I recently saw this and am thinking it could be pretty handy.

    1. Making this type page is exactly why I wanted it and can't wait to make a 6x8 page for my DD. I've seen some other interesting uses such as making backpack tags and glitter filled monograms, so there are ideas for outside of scrapbooking. I think I read that Michaels has them and you can use a coupon so that'd be a great deal!

  6. I love seeing how you stretch your creativity, Elise. I adore the little scissors and pencil. You need to sell bags of those in your shop. Just sayin'. :)

  7. your ah-ha moment turned out to be a good one. great pages and it's good to see the fuse in use.


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