Friday, March 6, 2015

Font Finds V

It's been quite some time since I've shared any font finds, but that's not because I haven't been looking. I really do spend an awful lot of time searching for fonts, but lately they've been ones that need to be purchased.

I found myself with a bit of downtime and went searching for free fonts and stumbled across quite a few that are new to me and wanted to share them. Free is always good, right? :)

You can click on each of the font names to be taken to the site where you can download them. I can't make any guarantees about the files, but I do only search sites that I have downloaded from before and have never run into any issues. The below came from BÄ“hance, Dafont, Font Squirrel, and FontFabric.

If you're a font lover like me and a good deal on a font is enough to get you to hit the buy button, you can check out sites like Mightydeals, My Fonts, You Work for Them, and Creative Market. I've purchased from all of them in the past and have spent way too much time lately at Creative Market. Lots of great work there and not just fonts and every week they have 6 items available for free download.


  1. Woo thanks for sharing! I've bought two font packs from They have FANTASTIC deals on fonts that would normally cost a lot more!

  2. it's lovely of you to share these x

  3. So many pretty fonts.
    I will have to share these with my oldest daughter, she loves all types of fonts

  4. Elise, thanks for sharing. New fonts are always fun!

  5. These are great finds, Elise! I always love working with new fonts, especially with my Silhouette. Must go check these out...NOW. LOL!

  6. Oh wow these really are great fonts! Thanks for doing all the work!

  7. Ooo these are fantastic, and I'm in love with Manifesto!

  8. ooh love the fonts, I spend a lot of time browsing, I keep thinking there must be an easier way to find them.

    1. Silly me forgot to finish typing my thought. As I was saying, I always think there must be an easier way to find them so I love it when someone has grouped their favorites, it's a bit like cheating though. TFS!


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