Friday, February 20, 2015

Project Life {January 2015}

I made myself carve out some time to sit down and work on my January Project Life pages and I'm glad I did. Uncharacteristically, I had been putting off editing and sizing my photos for printing, but once that was done, my pages came together faster than I'd have thought possible.

So that the front didn't wind up being all food pictures, I doubled up cards in the first pocket and also omitted one photo. I tend to hibernate in the winter and apparently aside from traveling to Illinois again, all I did was eat. Well, I did do some reading too. :) I'm working my way through this reading challenge and have found myself reading books I wouldn't have selected. It's good because I'm always on the lookout for something new to read.

I'm finding it easier creating my pages with my journaling hidden. Not because what I write is overly personal, but since my handwriting is large and a little hard to read, it can be distracting to my pages.

The back side is all about being back in Illinois to help out my sister. In between driving to and from Chicago from her town, we managed to get some very cold, but very fun activities in. We again visited Starved Rock State Park and spotted bald eagles, saw a demonstration of sled dogs, and hiked to St. Louis Canyon to see the 80' waterfall magnificently frozen. We did enjoy some down time and of course, some good food. ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This makes me want to do 9x12 so bad! I must find a project to use it for!

  2. Beautiful layouts! Don't you just love the blue camera captured card? I really want more of those in like every color! SC's Far, Far Away PL kit became my fave after working with it and using up almost every card :).

  3. fabulous pages Elise - laying your cards so your journalling is underneath looks great x

  4. That frozen waterfall is beautiful! I think you'e come up with a great alternative for journaling, if you don't like your handwriting.

  5. Your pages are always so lovely.
    I checked out the reading list challenge, how fun!
    I too tend to hibernate during the winter, especially since it is -41c today..brrrrr.

  6. I so enjoy seeing your PL pages, Elise, not just for the fabulous designs and little bits, but your photography is always amazing. The only problem is, the food pages make me hungry. LOL!

  7. Lovely pages, great pictures and love the hidden journaling aspect. Love that reading challenge!


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