Friday, January 30, 2015

PL & CY365 {December 2014}

To wrap up my Project Life pages for 2014, I resorted back to my usual style and left out any mixed media elements. I made sure to focus on the stories as well as photos, since last month I hardly wrote anything down.

For the first page, I included some of my hobby highlights from the year along with thoughts about them. I used just a little embellishment of wood veneer, gold, and labels and was happy my recent You Are Lovely free printables and a Gold Letter Dip Dyed mini flair matched the kit so well.

For the back side, I wound up with a color scheme of pink, black, and a pop of kelly green. I was able to add in more cards I'd made, some older SC cards, and some Midnight cards. I don't have many cards on hand, but it's always nice to put them to use!

I made a 6"x12" page to document my first trip to Illinois this winter and on the back, our adoption of Biscuit. Like I'd mentioned before, I don't mind that stories or photos get repeated, and both of these have now been documented in multiple places.

I'll be putting together a layout showcasing the photos I took for my daily photo challenge. In the meantime, just in case you were wondering, this is what 365 photos looks like. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Beautiful pages (and photography), Elise! Speculoos butter! We love it in this house, especially paired with Trader Joe's honey wheat pretzel sticks. Now I'm going to have to resist going to the pantry, at least until after I've had some lunch. LOL! I think it's fun that you included stats on one of your cards.

  2. these are lovely pages Elise - I like that your added wrap up numbers! x

  3. Love that hobby highlights card!!

  4. Wow, love you collage of your 365 photos, that is awesome.
    All of your pages are wonderful, but I really like the tally of the book, travel, crafts and photos…that is such a cool addition to your pages.

  5. 365 photos look spectacular! Wowzers! The 2014 wrap up spreads look great, as well!

  6. Fun pages Elise, I love your total count for the year end. And all those photos, my oh my!

  7. I LOVE your pl pages! Your collage of all the photos is amazing!

  8. The CY365 collection is amazing! At first glance I'd never think there's 365 individual photos, but it's there. The whole year. You've inspired me to put together my 2014 CY365!

    1. That's awesome, Mira, as it was quite an undertaking and should be shown off! :)


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