Friday, September 5, 2014

30 Days of Me {days 1-3}

The first of September brought with it the start of the 30 Days of Me class that's hosted by Maggie Holmes over at Studio Calico. I was hesitant to take on a daily project, especially one that focuses on myself. In the end I decided to give it a whirl and figured it will give me the chance to try out some new creative techniques. And who knows, maybe this will be something that I return to every so often, though I would switch it to being done in my birthday month. :)

I assembled my kit early on, but didn't prepare my base pages like I have in the past with other daily albums. Since I didn't know what to expect, I went in with a clean slate. I'm not going to be able to keep up with it daily, but hopefully at least every few days I'll catch up.

I made a very simple cover page and then after the fact realized I wanted something to show the date. I was going to put the label on the page, but it felt out of place. I grabbed a shipping label and adhered it to that and really like the result. I knew I'd have items outside of page protectors, so this worked perfectly.

I began to second guess using the WRMK Instagram album because it really is teeny. I wound up doing a 2-page spread for day one's prompt due to the lack of space. I've since gotten a better feel for how to work with such small areas and am liking the results.

Some out of pocket action for day 2 along with an ode to my phone.

For day 3, I wrote about my day in the style of a diary entry and tucked it away in a vellum envelope that I made. Getting more creative with doodling and my handwriting is something that I'm pushing myself with in this album. We'll see what else I feel inspired to try as the month goes on! :)


  1. Nice! I think doing this sort of project during your birthday month is a great idea :).

  2. it's good to do something for you. Looks good.

  3. Really loving how this is turning out and love the idea of a birthday month..a great time for reflection on one's self.

  4. Oooh, loving this, Elise! I wanted to register for that class, but had to bypass this time...I keep thinking about using one of those 4x4 albums for a project, but even for me it seems tiny! Looking forward to seeing what else you post for this :D

  5. Oh my goodness, I am loving your book already.
    I love the clean lines to you pages and your handwriting is beautiful.
    I am sure this is a fun size to work with.
    Great pages!!!! Looking forward to seeing more of them :)

  6. I like how you added the date to the front of the album. Looks like this is going to be a great project!

  7. Oh I love how this is coming along! What a fun project/class!

  8. This is turning out to be a fabulous project, Elise! I love the fun vellum (?) pocket and the whimsical, doodled elements.

  9. This is so pretty!
    I have almost bought a few of those albums but then worried they would be too small.
    But your project is great and now I am rethinking it :)

  10. Wow that album is tiny! Love the photo of you, and the 'be you' in your handwriting. I hope it's still going well, looks great so far! x

  11. What a fabulous album! The size is too cute and not too much to keep up with. Love the idea too. Fun project for a 30 day month! :)


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