Friday, August 15, 2014

PL & CY365 {July 2014}

After last month's Project Life debacle where I wound up throwing away several cards and completely redoing those pages, I'm surprised at how quickly these came together and they're some of my favorites to date.

For July, I really enjoyed using a divided page that had 4"x4" slots. While that meant that I needed to mat my 3"x4" cards, I think it really worked for my style because I love using patterned paper. I also really pushed myself to use alphabet stickers. They sure do accumulate, don't they!

Every now and again I'll try something different with my photos other than just printing them out. I had several pictures of dinners we'd made at home and so made a collage using the Moldiv app on my phone. I imported it to my computer and then used digital brushes in Photoshop Elements to fill in the blank squares.

I also discovered a new technique in PSE where I could make the photo appear only inside the text and that's how my hazy days of summer photo came to be. When I experiment, I try to do it well before I go to work on my pages so that I can focus on putting the pages together and not be tied to the computer. I did however need to type my journaling about our lunch at Melt to make sure it would all fit with the idea I had for the title.

Those that frequent my blog may notice that I don't have pages for my July daily photos. They're sitting on my desk in a state of flux. While I'm still going strong with my photo a day, I'm feeling less love for the project and so am having a hard time putting the pages together. I'm sure you can relate to being unmotivated to work on something that you're not feeling particularly passionate about at the moment. I'll figure out something and get them finished, hopefully sooner than later. :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wonderful pages, love it when pages come together easily. I usually cut my 4x6 down to fit so maybe next time I will mat them as I love how yours turned out.

  2. Your pages are perfect!
    I love all the journaling you have done and the colours you have used.
    I am impressed with all of your computer skills on your pages.
    I thought the "Hazy Days" was a card you had purchased, love it!

  3. My motivation ebbs and flows. Keep taking your photos... one day you will want to put them together, and then they will be done. :)

  4. So many wonderful inserts here, Elise! Love your sweet kitty with the cloud paper. The "Hazy Days of Summer" technique is wonderful as well!

  5. the papers and cards you used! awesome job!

  6. Really love the colors and photos for your spread. Gorgeous!!!


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