Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Font Finds IV

Recently I got a little carried away searching for fonts and wanted to share my discoveries. It all began when I went searching for a font that I'd seen used on a scrapbooking supply. The fonts I was most interested in needed to be bought, but I managed to find a few that are free. This is a great way to customize your projects while coordinating with store bought supplies.

During my search I looked to see if I could find a font like what was used for the Maggie and Charlotte stamp sets (currently out of stock) from Studio Calico. I found Deming EP and you can download it at Lost Type.

Using it at 50pt was the perfect size to be able to layer the thinner set of letter stamps. I typed the alphabet in blue, added a heart in red, adjusted my spacing, and printed it off. I then stamped the thin letters and exclamation point in red.

While I was searching Lost Type, I stumbled across Nelma, which looks like the font used on Studio Calico's {Brighton Pier} paper, Funnel Cake. It is in the form of an EPS file and so you will need to open it in an illustration software program in order to use it.

Since I was experimenting with it, I created a fun graphic inspired by {Brighton Pier} and am sharing it in the form of a 4"x6" free printable. You can download it free for your personal use HERE via Google drive, no login needed. All I ask is that if you use it, you give credit, and let me know, I'd love to see what you do with it! I printed mine on vellum and love the way it turned out.

The last font I tracked down is called Western and it's available for free at dafont.com. It looks like it matches the font that was used in the {South of Market} stamp set by Studio Calico.

Whew, a bit of a lengthy post I know, but if you love fonts or enjoy hybrid projects, I definitely wanted to pass along what I'd found!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your finds (and wonderful projects), Elise! I'm always on the lookout for new typefaces. :)

  2. Elise, I love fonts! I can spend hours scrolling through fonts :) Thank you for the free card. I love the way it looks on the vellum!

  3. So cool! I'm a font freak too. Lately i've been finding dingbat fonts that I can use with my digital cutter.

  4. My daughter is very picky with her fonts, I seem to use the same one over and over ;)
    I love the art work you did the "I <3 U" one, I really like that.

  5. Cute card, and love your little Hello Sunshine it looks so cool printed on Vellum. Thanks for the fonts, can't tell you how many hours I spend looking for certain ones and did not have these (unitl now!)

  6. Love these fonts!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Your cards are awesome!


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