Friday, June 20, 2014

PL & CY365 {May 2014}

I was in a creative groove when it came to putting my May Project Life and daily photo pages together. Everything was just clicking and it all came together really quickly. I tried a couple of new things, changed a couple of things, and am loving how it all turned out.

I had a different card to use for my title card, because I'd stamped directly on my intended card and messed it up. Such is life and I found a Maggie Holmes card to replace my goof. For the first time I tried using a stamp ink pad on a letterpress plate and am happy with the results. I got a good impression and the ink coverage was even. Nice to be able to do that when you don't have the time or energy to bust out the letterpress ink.

I had a lot of photos to choose from for May, but pared it down and printed smaller photos with a thin white border. I've been trying to clean up my style and keep my pages from looking chaotic, while still using plenty of color and fun supplies. Stamping has definitely found it's place with me, I also got to put some of my shop flair to use, and made a point to use some of the alphabet stickers in my stash.

I completely changed my daily photo pages from the style of past months and may again next month, we'll see. That's the beauty of these albums being made for me to enjoy. It's always nice if I can inspire someone else, but the bottom line is that I do what I want on my pages and never worry about comparing them to someone else's style. I think that's why I so enjoy the blogs I follow. I feel that the ladies are genuine with what they create, doing it just for themselves and enjoying every minute of it!


  1. I love all of your PL pages.
    I like all the embellishing you have done on the cards :)
    I really, really love the card with "7 months, 17days…"
    I really should be working on my P365 as I have only done January ;)

  2. Elsie, I love your PL spreads. The colors are coordinated so wonderfully. I am sweet on that photo of your kitty's feet. :)

  3. Such beautiful pages, Elise! Your photography is stunning too.

  4. I just really love your pages!
    And I agree with Lisa about your photography. You always have such amazing photos on Instagram.

  5. I always love your project life pages
    So many details
    Awesome work


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