Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Sad Day

I'm sure there were many people that weren't surprised to find that Two Peas in a Bucket has announced they're closing up shop on July, 10th. I was quite shocked as I felt that things were turning around after the arrival of some new merchandise. Sadly, I was mistaken.

I've met so many wonderful people there and was certainly inspired time and time again. I've set up a forum in hopes to be able to maintain those friendships and cultivate new ones. I'd love to see everyone there and be able to continue to inspire one another, share insight and tips, and just have a good time catching up. I hope you'll come chat with us!


  1. It was sad news. Yesterday will be added to my "where and what I was doing when I heard ..." list. :( Thanks for the forum link!

  2. I too was sad to see them close up.
    I visit there everyday :(
    I was also sad that they didn't keep the forums open so we could say our good-byes and thank them for all that they had done for us scrapbookers.
    I will definitely be checking out your forum…I have been looking for another forum to keep in touch with other creative people :)

  3. It looks great! I already belongs to a very active "private" forum, and I signed up for the paperclipping ones, so I don't think I can really participate to a third one, but it looks really good!


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