Friday, May 30, 2014

Pause in 2014 {June}

Here's a quick recap of my May goals before I move on to what's in store for June's project with my word for 2014. I did apply to Scrap & Play, a new challenge blog, to be part of their design team, but wasn't selected. Since I only want to apply to teams I feel I could be a good fit, it's limiting, but I'm sure there will be more to try out for and I definitely don't feel bad for not being selected. These were the layouts I submitted, the one on the left was made for their first challenge.

The hubs and I had my parents over for dinner and I gave a go at making my own pasta. I have to say that while I'm glad I tried it, it most certainly was not worth the trouble. The baked chicken parmesan and salad were quite tasty, and we topped it all off with a strawberry galette. I didn't have a chance to make French macarons, but it's still on my list.

I've taken the hubs' camera out a couple of times now and I feel like I've learned more about being a better photographer. The hubs helped me with understanding more technical aspects and with his camera, I worked on composition and finding good light. I'm still not sure what type of camera I'd like to move to, if at all, but this has been an eye opener for sure.

Now onto June! I'll be picking one day to photograph our day as it happens. I've never focused on an entire day of ours and think it could be fun to do this yearly or so to see how or if it changes. We are creatures of habit, right?

I'm thinking maybe a photograph each hour from 8am to 8pm. I'll sort out the details later, but one thing is certain, I'll be using an alarm to remind me throughout the day to snap my photo. I'll create a fun layout with the pictures and share it once it's done. Hope you have a great weekend, and be sure to come back on Monday, I have a BIG announcement that you're not gonna wanna miss! :)


  1. your layouts are awesome- so sorry you weren't selected but don't give up! your work is amazing!

  2. Love those layouts! Sorry you didn't make the team. You definitely have a great deal of inspiration to offer.

  3. Sorry that it didn't work out with the DT but you are smart to choose teams that are a good fit! And you do great pages so I have no doubt it won't be long :)

  4. Your layouts are great! I especially love the middle one and the way you used white space in it. Keep going for those dt's before you know it you'll be on a few. It is about finding that perfect fit.
    Way to go on the pasta, looks yummy!
    Love the flower photo and the idea of a day of photos every hour. That will be a fun layout to see.

  5. All of your layouts are wonderful.
    I really like the first one, but then again I like to document and there are a few places to do just that on that layout.
    You made your own pasta from scratch?! I have a friend that does that…lots of work I would think.
    If I get asked or apply for a DT, I am particular on which ones as well. I want to give it my all, but not so much so, that I feel like its work ;)
    Your photography is beautiful.

  6. I love all three of your layouts! Very lovely! I can't wait to hear/see about your "in a day" June photography project. Sounds fascinating.

  7. Beautiful layouts! Like you, I am "picky" about the teams I apply, even if I am usually not selected, LOL. Better that than not having fun if you made it... Especially love the layout on the right ! French macarons are yummy, but I don't know how to make them.: )


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