Tuesday, March 18, 2014

PL & CY365 {February 2014}

Last week was all about Project Life style scrapbooking and I shared tips on organization, keeping track, and printing on cards. If you missed either of those posts, you can see them HERE and HERE. Now that February's pages are finally complete, I'm excited to show you how they came to be.

Once I've decided on my photos, I print them at home using an Epson PictureMate Charm and then I pick out the divided pages I'll use. I have a large variety and so just select ones that provide plenty of space for photos, journaling, and filler cards. I do like to keep the photos in chronological order, so I lay them all out and then begin selecting cards.

(And here is where I make an apology, I had actually already begun working on February when I realized I wanted to share my process, so there aren't photos of the planning stages, sorry!)

Once it's all laid out, I go back to the first page and start with whichever card I have an idea of how I want to embellish it. I use supplies from the kits (Studio Calico and Freckled Fawn) that came for the month and pull additional embellishments as needed. The journaling is the last thing I add to the page, and then I'm ready to repeat the process for the remaining pages.

For my photo a day pages, I lay out all the cards at once, adding extras from my stash as needed, all the while trying to keep each page color coordinated. Once the cards are arranged, I add the photos, and then I go back and add embellishments. Now the fun part begins and I can attach everything in place along with the date labels I printed. I leave some cards blank and only embellish a handful of others so that there is plenty of breathing room since it's a lot to take in on a page overall.

Here are the completed pages, all ready to put into my album!

Whew! I hope it doesn't sound like a big ordeal to get these pages completed. While it does take me some time to get it all together, I so enjoy the process, and love the end result!


  1. Fabulous ideas and pages! Love the pie chart! Did you get enough snow yet?! lol

  2. your pl pages totally rock
    love al lthe details

  3. I was just wondering how you did that piechart! Thanks for sharing. What a great idea to take pictures of your process like this. It was very interesting to see how the pages came together. I have a much more random process sort of working one pocket at a time, or one row at a time. This makes the spread feel coherent. Love it!

  4. So cool that you photographed your process. Great post!!

  5. Wonderful ! And so inspiring even for the ones that don't do PL (I don't do PL but I love PL cards, lol). Your spreads are always so pretty, no cluttered and so well balanced ! I will check your other posts, sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing !

  6. I loved seeing how your wonderful pages come together, Elise!

  7. Really great pages!
    That is kind of the process I am using with my summer PL.
    I have all the cards picked, then added the photos and making notes where I want my journaling to go.
    I want to type it and since I started it at a crop, I didn't have access to my computer.
    Embellishing is going to happen last!

    So glad you enjoy the process. I hear so many complaining about it!
    How much work it is or getting behind.
    But I don't think it has to or should be that way.

  8. Wonderful pages, you are so organized. I was just telling my bf the other day if I had the time I would put all my cards in first then go back and add pictures..but alas I seem to do it the other way..at least for now. TFS

  9. I love the pie chart! Great ideas.

  10. Great process to getting your pages done…and they all look so nice as well.

  11. Thanks for the ídea about stamping on cork! I will do that! Everything looks great btw!


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