Friday, March 14, 2014

How To {PL & CY365}

In continuing with the spirit of sharing details of how my Project Life and daily photo pages come together, today I'd like to share two different ways that I print on cards. Even though you may not do Project Life in the typical sense, these tips can be used on any paper crafting projects.

First up is a new technique I tried with my title card for February. For this fun pie chart card that came with February's Studio Calico kit, I wanted to print what the month was comprised of. I took a picture of the card straight down, added the image to a blank 4"x6" document in Pages (Mac's word processing program), and arranged my text using text boxes. Once ready, I deleted the image, leaving just the text. I printed it on a test paper to see how things lined up. The sizes weren't exact, but aside from one text box being off center, the rest came out well.

Next up is how I use a template to print on 3"x4" cards. There are times when I have a lot of journaling and know my handwriting just won't fit.

I have a template saved in Pages, but you can do it with a saved document as well. It's a 4"x6" page with a 3"x4" rectangle on it so that I know where my text should be typed. If I'm using a card printed with a design, I measure the space and then use a shape to block off the area. Then, using a text block I type my journaling.

I remove the outline of the card as well as any shape I've added and it's ready to print. Since I use a template, I don't need to worry about saving the document I was working on, I can just close it and select the template the next time I need it. If you are using a saved document, I'd suggest using COMMAND+Z (undo on Mac) or CTRL+Z (undo on Windows) to replace the rectangle to it's original position, delete anything else, and save.

I have printed the template on a 4"x6" card and that's what I adhere my card to so that I can run it through my printer. In the past I've used a little roller dot adhesive, but this time I used washi. Both work well, but my washi did allow the card to slide slightly as it went through our printer, so maybe taping the sides would have been better.

If you haven't tried printing on cards yet, hopefully these steps will take the guesswork out of doing so. If you have an easier way or any other tips, let me know! Next week I'll have my completed pages to share. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. These are great tips and well explained! I haven't printed on PL cards but I do love printing my journaling on little bits of ledger and other papers.

  2. Such an awesome idea. I love the printing on these journal cards. TFS Elise.

  3. Cool - I haven't printed on PL cards yet. I'm going to pin this so I can try it out!!

  4. You will get me to try my hand with this technical stuff yet ;)
    I am very excited to see your pages :)

  5. going to bookmark this one as well. love your tutorials!

  6. These are great ideas and examples, Elise! Thank you!

  7. Great idea, thanks for sharing I always love seeing how other people handle tricky things like this.

  8. I don't have printer, sadly, but your tutorial is great, thanks for sharing !

  9. I love that you used washi tape to adhere it to the page. Wonderful idea!


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