Friday, February 28, 2014

Pause in 2014 {March}

If you're anything like me, you spend too much time staring at a screen. Computer, phone, TV, it all adds up. To focus on my word in March, I want to scale back from all the screen time, and to gently remind myself, I've created wallpapers for both my computer and phone.

We took my parents out to dinner a couple of weeks ago and as I got out of the car, I noticed the beautiful sunset, so of course had to snap a picture. That photo is what I've used for both screens, but created the wallpapers in different ways. For my phone, I cropped my photo to a 3-inch by 4-inch portrait and used the app, Over, to simply add my text using the font Vevey in a rich coral. You can read more about Over and other photo apps I use, HERE.

For my computer, I used Photoshop Elements to quickly crop my image and add text. I used the font, olivier, simplified the text layer, and then applied a gradient at 50% opacity. It had been a while since I'd changed the wallpaper on either device and focusing on my word provides the perfect motivation and reminder to step away from the electronics.

If you've chosen a word for 2014, has it had any impact on your year so far?


  1. You always take beautiful picutres Elise, love the sunset. Great idea to use it for wallpaper.

  2. Beautiful wallpapers. I need to focus on my word more because I kinda forgot about it..

  3. Love how you added your word to that beautiful photo :)

  4. Lovely, Elise! You're very smart to do all of that - I would be at a loss - lol.

    Great job!

  5. This is a stunning picture and a perfect way to reflect on your word.
    I too need to step away from the computer more and have been pretty successful this past week.
    I love the idea of putting this on your devices, genius.

  6. Love those photos & great way to make your background. My word for 2013 was balance & I started to balance things & I made great strides, but I just didn't get to where I want to be so it is also my word for 2014! I am doing really well so far and making great strides- cutting back DT. Assignments , etc.

  7. I need to do the same...
    And I don't remember the word I chose !

  8. Beautiful photo, and what a great way to gently remind yourself and keep the motivation up!

  9. What a wonderful idea and such a beautiful photograph!!! and I am so laughing at Saolnge's comment! my word has constantly been reminding me to come back to my center, as I get very distracted at what everyone else is doing. it is so hard not to though, lol!! :) Evie

  10. Such great ways to remind yourself to slow down and enjoy the world around you!

  11. Great idea!!! I am trying to reduce my screen time, too and it isn't easy.
    My word is Focus, and I am trying to keep it in mind at all times.
    Especially when I feel my mind wandering. Or I start a task before finishing another.
    It's not easy! LOL


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