Monday, September 9, 2013

Album in a Flash

I have found that I can complete out an album rather quickly when it is focused around one event. When I work on just a single layout, I tend to try more artsy techniques, and sometimes have to let the layout marinate for hours at a time. As a final gift to my parents for their 50th anniversary, I made them an album from the photos my hubs took of their celebration. It took less than 2 weeks from start to finish.

Once my kit was assembled, the layouts came together very quickly and I found myself using go to designs. Shimelle Laine is a huge wealth of inspiration and I loved that I was still able to take her designs and work them onto a smaller canvas. I wondered if I would struggle with creating an album that was 8.5"x11" since it had been over a decade that I last worked with that size. It wasn't an issue, but I definitely don't miss having to cut down all my 12"x12" papers!

I went with aqua, teal, yellow, gold, and kraft for my color scheme. These were the same colors that I used for their invitations and decorations. To add a pop of color, I used orange/coral embellishments. When everything was done, I added tabs next to the photos so that my mom could write in the names of who is in each photo.

This was my desk towards the beginning of this project. As I went on, my workspace became smaller and smaller. From the supplies I used, the picture on the right is what's left. I also included some pages of blank cardstock at the back of the album for my mom to put the cards she received.

I'll be scrapbooking some of the photos for myself and will share once they're complete!


  1. So pretty!! I love how it all came together! I love that you put a kit together, was thinking of doing similar with my December Daily album.

  2. Such a pretty album! Great idea to pull it all together before getting started.

  3. What a great album, loved that you kept it so clean. Often the pages I go back to and admire were the ones minus the trends at the time. Great idea to make a kit.

  4. Very pretty!
    Just looking at the kit you put together makes me smile.
    I bet they loved it!

  5. Really gorgeous! I loved hearing your process. The color scheme you choose is wonderful too .

  6. Such a great job, and the final album is gorgeous !


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