Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Create a Collage with Picasa

Here is a guide to creating collages using Picasa. If you don't have it, or know what it is, it's a free photo organizing and editing software from Google, and I heart it. It's compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can download it here.

In the image above, you can see that I've selected 8 images to create my collage with. The images all happen to be in the same folder, but you can select images from your entire library. If you choose images from other folders, use the green pushpin (circled above) to hold your selection in the tray to the left of it. Doing so eliminates losing your selection until you choose to clear the tray (by clicking the red circle below the pushpin). In the toolbar, click on Create, then Picture Collage.

This viewer opens with your collage at it's first stage. Don't worry, you have many options from here.

Choose your layout from the templates provided. I use the Grid template most often, but have a Mosaic collage as the wallpaper on my computer.

You can adjust the amount of grid spacing between your images.

You can select the size that you want your collage to be and also if you want it portrait or landscape.

The default is to apply the images to the collage in the order they were selected. If you want to rearrange them, click on Shuffle Pictures and voila, a new order.

This is the Frame Mosaic template and I made the grid spacing the same color as the letters.

Here is a Grid collage with only two images selected. You can still change the orientation and also have grid spacing. I have found that because of the bleed at particular printers I do not get a consistent white border on the outside. I think I just don't make my grid spacing large enough, but something to keep in mind if you prefer a border.

Once your collage is created, Picasa organizes it in it's own album under Projects. All collages you create will be found there. You also have the same editing capabilities as with any photo you've taken. You can turn it black and white, apply a filter, add a vignette, or any of the other features that Picasa has to offer.

You can find one of my scrapbook layouts with collages I created posted here. I hope that this helps you out, but if you have any questions, please feel free to email me!


  1. I really need to check this out, thanks for sharing!

  2. you are my new favorite person

  3. Thanks for sharing this! How did you do your cool header on your blog - is that Picasa or something else? :)

    1. You're most welcome! I created my header in PSE 10, but probably could have done it in Pages (Mac's equivalent to Word).

  4. I recently played with a collage in Picasa. Although my original idea was to create a collage to use in its entirety (was going to mount it on canvas), I ended up using the collage to create 9 photos the same size, then cut them and put them in an exploding card. It made a quick and easy way to print several photos at the same time, the same size, on one sheet of photo paper.


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