Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simple Typography

Along with my love of fonts, I love seeing what the creative minds come up with in the world typography. It's amazing to see the powerful images that arise from arranging words. Since I have no educational background in typography or type design, this post at tutorial9 for Photoshop was a helpful starting point for creating a simple shape. I made the above for a Valentine's day project earlier this year to show my loves.

You can also achieve the same basic design on your Mac in Pages by creating a shape with no fill color, and then using text boxes to arrange your words and then removing the shape. My apologies that I can't provide firsthand information on how to do this in Microsoft Word, but I imagine it is a very similar process. I also couldn't find a well written tutorial, everything was directing me to Word Art.

If you don't have a lot of time, or these programs, there are a variety of online applications, some of which are free for use. This article from Tripwire Magazine provides a link and a brief description of several programs. I hadn't tried any of them, so I popped over to image chef and took a quick look. It appears that you can enter a string of text and it arranges it for you in an instant in your chosen shape. You can then save it, embed it, or share it with others via social media. Not too shabby!

I created the below to go along with a scrapbook section about my hubs with some of the reasons why I love him so.

If you create your own piece of simple typography, I'd love to see it and know how you did it!


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