Thursday, June 13, 2013

This is What's Left

Since we're still in a getting to know one another stage, I figured I'd share photos of my stash of supplies. I participate on a couple of forums, so some of you may have already read that I have been purging my supplies since the beginning of the year. I have been pretty cutthroat about it, and finally feel like my stash consists of tools and products that I will use. Also, gone are the days of being too afraid to cut into that pretty paper, peel off that first sticker, or use up all the vowels in an alphabet.

Seriously, no less than 15 pounds of goodies went to one girlfriend of mine, I made mini albums for two other girlfriends, donated to Crops of Luv in Phoenix, AZ, and sent along a package for Healing Scraps for Oklahoma.

I still continue to shop, and as I type this, I have a cart open over at Two Peas in a Bucket, a package from them is on the way, and have recently become a monthly kit subscriber at Studio Calico. It sounds like a lot, and to some it may be and others maybe not. Here's some pictures and you can judge decide for yourselves! ;)

Is your space bigger, smaller, neater, messier, a candidate for Hoarders, or just right?


  1. You space looks so nice and orderly! I have a whole room for scrapping so I had hoarded quite a bit of supplies, but my lss recently had a scrappy garage sale and I purged over half of my stuff! I made tons of money so I could start refilling my space ;)! Actually, I've curtailed buying so much stuff because I like the way my room feels - so much more streamlined and organized!

  2. Looks manageable and nicely organized!

  3. I think you space looks nicely organized and very manageable. I tend to keep a tight rein on my supplies, trying to use things up before buying more. It's easier for me to find what I want, and use it, when I have less.

  4. thanks!
    @valerie - that's awesome you were able to sell so much!
    @lisa - that's the plan, but it doesn't always work :)

  5. TFS!! I always love to see how others store their supplies! :)Evie

  6. Thanks for sharing! Love the photos, so inspiring

  7. That looks so organised. i have just moved house so everything is everywhere. I purged before I left the last place but I think I will need to do it again.
    Also I know what you mean about the "good" paper, you never want to use it just in case and then five years later you look at it and think why did I love this LOL

  8. Always love looking at scrap spaces and stash! Welcome to the craft blogging world and thanks for visiting my blog. Hope we'll see more of each other!


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