Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I've Moved!

Hello, friends! As more of my time and focus have had to go to the Feed Your Craft shop, it's become apparent that I have to let this blog go. You'll still be able to find my projects shared on Instagram and I'll be updating the FYC Shop Blog with posts each month (starting today) of the new product releases and projects I've made using them. Thank you so much for taking your time to join me here over the years and I hope that you'll continue to visit me in my other online spaces.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Document All the Things

Whether it's a tough time or a day filled with sunshine, we've got you covered for documenting it all! The newest releases are now available in the shop and there are TWO kits! First up is the Tough Stuff mini kit in bold black and white with sentiments to tell it like it is. (If you'd prefer to see a flip through of the kits, projects, and a process of a layout, head over to YouTube.)

I used the Tough Stuff kit to create a pocket page and mini layout in my everyday album. I gave the stamps quite the workout in both physical and digital format. Using washi tape as a hinge, I made the "feeling" 3x4 card flip up to reveal my journaling underneath.

There are plenty of times when things don't go as planned or I'm not feeling my best self and want to hide away for a bit, so this is a kit that I'll be able to reach for again and again. I find that writing it out helps to work through those tougher moments and by documenting the rough patches, it can be a way of celebrating overcoming them.

You might have seen on Instagram that I'm currently documenting my summer in a Traveler's Notebook and I've been busy putting the awesome Soak Up the Fun kit to use. This is the first kit for FYC designed by In A Creative Bubble, and I'm thrilled to share that more will be coming!

Using the stamp set, I made my own patterned paper. I had thought that I'd only cover one page, but since I had some left over, I didn't want it to go to waste. I still had plenty of space for my bucket list and used the White Mini Puffy Alphabet Stickers for my title.

For our day trip to Richmond last month, I worked with the kit in a variety of ways. To kick off the section, I used one of the digital 4x6 cards to make a full background for my layout. I added a couple of elements from the print and cut sheet and of course needed some stamping.

Mixing in a little of my Maggie Holmes stash, I made a flip out element to hold another photo and journaling card. Even though the styles are different, using the products together consistently and in colors that coordinate makes using old and new supplies the perfect match.

A simple grid design is always a good idea and for these pages I let one of the lovely patterned cards provide breathing room to my photos. A stamped print and cut element, stamped title, and puffy triangles completed my layout.

For the last page from our day trip, I turned one of the 3x4 cards into a photo mat and then used the remaining portion to punch a tab out of it. I stamped on it as well as onto my pages to frame my larger photo. A few enamel dots and a MH die cut were the finishing touches.

I hope you're excited about the newest kits and thank you so much for your support! I can't wait to see what you make!

Friday, June 15, 2018

With a Glass Half Full

The newest kit designed by Brandi Kincaid is now available in the shop and I'm sharing the projects that I've made so far! I've said it before and I'll say it again, using Brandi's designs makes me take my stories in directions I wouldn't have normally. Her artwork and the quotes she selects tug at something inside and I often end up creating projects that feel more intentional and have deeper meaning.

The first project I created using primarily the stamps in both physical and digital format. The bees, beehive, and label were stamped on white cardstock, some cut out and popped up with foam adhesive.

The floral card was made using the digital brushes included with the kit. Using the long floral border, I put placed each stamp on a layer, adjusting them to be as close together without overlapping. Then I used the small flowers to fill in any gaps left. Lastly, I used a circle brush to fill in some of the flowers and leaves with color. It came together quickly and exactly how I'd hoped.

Next chance I had to work with the kit, I made a layout about how planning plays a big part in my daily life. It's a necessity to keep a planner, but sometimes things don't go as planned and I try hard to remember that it will all work out in the end.

My photo flips up to reveal another that shows my planner after the pen. For the background of the layout, I punched out circles from the 4x6 card that would be covered by the photos so that I could then use the pieces as embellishments around my pages.

The most recent project I created is really special to me. Through memory keeping, I've met so many wonderful and kind women and some have blossomed into great friendships. Thoughtful words and gifts are exchanged and I'm so thankful to stay in contact across the miles and years.

A recent communication I had with a lovely friend is tucked underneath the gorgeous floral card and I used one of the print and cut embellishments to make it more obvious that there is something below. On the facing page I used more of the print and cut elements to layer with my photo and was also able to remove a stamp from a package I received and included that as well.

There will be plenty of inspiration coming from the Creative Team, including an amazing mini book that Brandi made, so stay tuned on Instagram or Pinterest to see them all. If you pick up the new kit, I hope to see what you make!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

WITL 2018

I had been looking forward to participating in my fourth Week in the Life, and not only designed supplies, but had a vision for how my album would come together. Then sadness struck when we unexpectedly lost our Pound Cake a few days before documenting was to begin. I found myself conflicted with capturing a week that had a cloud of grief hanging overhead.

The previous year during my WITL documenting, I had captured one of my favorite photos of Pound Cake and me that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Because things can change in an instant, the act of documenting an ordinary moment now holds even more meaning and I became stubbornly determined to create my album this year.

As the week wore on though, I found myself taking very few photos and had stopped altogether by Thursday. My plans for how I would assemble my album went out the window, but I didn't want to give up. So I made a new plan.

I decided instead of detailing each day, I would categorize the moments by topic. From work, to food, to purchases, I created a simple 4x6 mini album and made the handful of photos I did take work for me.

I like to photograph the same things each day to see their progression through the week, but again, since I stopped taking pictures, I didn't have the state of my office each day. I did have one from Monday and snapped another on Sunday and was able to show the change over the course of the week.

On the backside of the dividers I added my journaling regarding each topic. Using a 3x8 card from In A Creative Bubble, I resized it to 3x6 to match the size of my photos. Everything was done on the computer and then it was simply a matter of printing, cutting, and adhering them into place.

Sometimes I had space where there wasn't a picture, so I added some of the embellishments that I had previously prepared.

I had made some cards when I first started to put my album together, but when I realized I had to change everything, I decided to reprint them on transparency so that they would stand out more.

Nothing about my project came together as I had planned, but I'm really happy that I stuck with it. It's not at all as detailed as I intended, but it's a symbol of a week lived. At a time when my heart was filled with sadness, there were plenty of good moments, mundane moments, and spontaneous moments and I'm grateful that they're recorded for future me to look back on.

If you're overwhelmed with too many photos or feel like you didn't record enough, I hope you'll see this project through by making it work for you. There is no right or wrong way to preserve your memories.

(I'm not sure I'll put together a proper walk through video, but I've got quick flip through of the entire book on my Instagram if you didn't happen to come from that post.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Can't Stop, Won't Stop with May's Releases

It's an awesome and exciting release in the shop today and it's been so hard to keep everything under wraps! But once the news came out, I couldn't stop sharing projects I'd been making using the brand new stamps designed by In A Creative Bubble.

I've been working on (and have now finished) my Traveler's Notebook from our trip to Toronto and for once I'm glad that it took as long as it did because that meant that I could work with all the new items available now.

Using the Seek Adventure stamp, I stamped directly onto my page and also made embellishments and placed them loosely around my photo.

For these pages, I inked up the Let's Eat stamp, again making some embellishments with them and then adding very accurate statements about the dinner we enjoyed.

The new kit, Here and There, has a coordinating stamp set called Mapped Out and I've used both on this layout. Since I had a full page photo and two others that I wanted to include, simple stamped elements were perfect to bring it all together.

For my last page in order to complete my notebook, I used the Here and There kit to add various layers underneath my photo. I have a process video showing how it all came together that you can watch here. There's also a quick walk through of the new items shown above so that you can get a full look at everything.

But before you go, there's one more project that I made with the Let's Eat stamps. I've gone back to 6x8 for my everyday memory keeping and had to document a fun brunch outing!

Thank you so much for the support you show and allowing our products a place among your memories! Happy shopping!